Kahi Lee | Fierce Female

TV Host & Interior Designer

When she’s not chasing after her two children, Kahi is creating beautiful interiors for the homes of people like Nick Jonas or Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton.

As one of Hollywood’s most sought after interior designers, Kahi is a television personality and author who has appeared on numerous programs including Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, My Celebrity Home and The Rachael Ray Show among others.

Known for her love and use of pattern and color she’s the first to admit she loves big drama and accessories but is careful to use them in small doses.

Kahi: “I’m a minimal maximalist. I sometimes struggle to describe my design style, it’s pretty fluid I guess.”

There’s no denying her unique eye. When she first walked into the studio for the Fierce Females shoot her eye went immediately to some gold rings for the Summer Collection. We witnessed first hand how Kahi quickly zeros in on the things she loves. While most of us would be comparing two or three styles, Kahi exudes creative confidence and knows exactly what she wants and how to put it all together.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Kahi: “Forever. In a world of social media where everything is fast and always changing, it’s rare when something lasts forever. Things like friendship, romance, a feeling of happiness, you never want those to end.”


TAJ: What rules did you break to be where you are today?

Kahi: “When I started in television 15 years ago, there weren’t many people who looked like me. With the impact of Crazy Rich Asians, it’s becoming less of an obstacle but when I started, there was no clear path.”

TAJ: What rules need to be broken next?

Kahi: “Progress is increasing and it’s moving faster - I feel optimistic for my daughter’s future. There are many ceilings being broken, women running for president, female CEOs, women empowering each other. These stories of women coming together to support each other are making a difference. It’s setting the stage for others to keep doing that. Women need to keep telling their stories. Be transparent and don’t be afraid to be the example for others.”

TAJ: If accessories are the modern girl's armor, what accessory makes you feel strongest?

Kahi: “Rings! They make me feel so powerful. I talk with my hands so rings are always front and center (fist bumps).”

TAJ: What is your superpower?

Kahi: “Resilience. I'm quick to pick myself up when I'm down. Nothing is slowing me down which means I’m open and always ready to move forward.”

Kahi: “Wait! I want to change my F word. FORWARD! Forever and Forward. Can I have two F words?”

TAJ: Every Fierce Female should…

Kahi: “You have to own who you are and what you like. Don’t live to impress others, not everyone has to like you so you don’t have to be a people pleaser. Be OK with that. Surround yourself with your people when you find them.”

TAJ: Imagine there’s a movie about you, what’s the opening song?

Kahi: “Sia, Chandelier. Who doesn’t want to fly in on a gorgeous chandelier.”

Kahi's Junkie Confession:

“I'm a color & design junkie!"

Every Piece Has a Story