Innovator. Story Teller. Change Maker.

Putting all pieces together

Fast to act, Shannon saw the risks in her Los Angeles community when the pandemic hit in March. Quickly raising $1.6M in just12 weeks for Help the Feed LA, a joint venture with World Central Kitchen. They kept 25 local restaurants open and operating so they could prepare and deliver 120,000 meals to critical care workers and first responders across 17 hospitals across Los Angeles.

The piece of me that's cozy

My Soul

"As I have grown, I realize the things that give me joy are simple experiences. A hug from my children, finding a like-minded heart and spirit, the smell of rain, holding hands with someone I love.

These are things I crave."

The piece of me that wants to work

My Curiosity

"Being curious drives much of my professional and personal happiness. I listen and learn about people, I seek new experiences and places. I love to create deeper connections with others or explore activities I might have already known but not totally understood."

The piece of me I love most

My Energy

"I am often asked how I do all I do, and I truly believe my superpower is positive energy. It's the special thing I was given because I would need it to live this one and only life to the fullest. With it I can show my children what can be done if you dedicate your energy to the right people and experiences.

It will allow you to be all you want to be."