The perfect earrings. A signature necklace. The right accessory takes your mood from average to extra.

Dive into our world of few-of-a-kind accessories curated from around the globe. Each piece is handmade and available for a limited time only. Enjoy the power of "feeling extra".

Batsheva Haart

My Unorthodox Life

"When I think of this collection, it reminds me of the ocean. The collection has pieces from Brazil, Mexico, and Greece —all places I have visited which are by the water.

The smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves crashes and watching the sunset over the water brings back beautiful memories."

"An accessory feels more special when it reminds me of a place I've visited.

The Mia earrings remind me of vacation. They transport me to Mexico because of the beading."

"I don’t feel fully dressed until I put my accessories on. They complete every look."

"Accessories can be so powerful when they're used to highlight parts of your personality.

I like to dress for my mood and my accessories match that."

"I love accessories because they can instantly change your look.

I would rather spend on my accessories because they last season to season."

"Gold hoops are my must-have accessory for the summer. They're classic, yet so versatile."

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