The piece of me I give to others

Empathy & Compassion

"I started writing letters to voters in swing states to remind them to vote through Eventually, I got other friends involved, and we had masked, socially-distanced letter-writing gatherings. Together, we sent out a total of 1200 letters. The entire VoteFwd program sent out over 17.4 million letters, and purchased $9.6 million worth of stamps from the USPS. Writing the letters was very helpful for my own anxiety. Whenever I started to get stressed, I reached for more letters to write." 

The piece of me that's complicated

My Brain

"I experienced a brain injury 8 years ago. It's as if someone placed an entirely different brain on my body and said, “Okay, now go live your life. Good luck figuring it out!” 

The piece of me that wants to work

My Dedication

"I'm a Senior Production Advisor at RespectAbility. Our goal is to increase authentic and genuine representation of people with disabilities in television and film, by increasing the amount of people with that lived experience in positions of authority throughout the overall story-telling process." 

The piece of me I give to others

My Care

"The air in Los Angeles has been hot and dirty from the fires. Every day, I leave out an ice chest filled with waters and sports drinks for all delivery people who come into our complex. It's a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference to someone who has been in the sun wearing PPE all day. This year has been divisive, politically, that I want people to know that we're all in this together and that we can support each other."