The piece of me I give to others

Good Energy

Creating stability for female founders and women-owned businesses during the most unstable year of all time.

Inside and outside of her company, Sequin Productions, Nicole shares her good energy and deep connections to lift women up across the country; grow their business, support their families and care for the community.

The piece of me that's complicated

My Mind

"Lately it has been all over the place, ahem, thank you 2020."

The piece of me that's cozy

My Body

"Complete coziness when I hold my children before they go to bed."

The piece of me I love most

My Heart

"I love hard and want everyone to experience L.O.V.E. which can come in many forms. I love to create new and innovative concepts for my female owned businesses. When I work with female founders, everything I do comes from my heart."