Grounded in Faith

Founder of Nyakio Beauty

"I love to learn and and share beauty secrets passed down to me by my Kenyan family of farmers, medicine men and healers. I’m also inspired by the beauty teachings shared by my girlfriends and learned in my travels around the globe."

The piece of me that wants to build

My Soul

"As a Black beauty founder I’m committed to creating community. After almost two decades, I feel I’m truly stepping into my purpose. I’ve learned through challenges and wins that I’m here to help lift up other Black and brown beauty founders and inspire the next generation of people of color to know that they can succeed in the beauty industry, and create opportunities for others in our black and brown communities."

The piece of me I give to others

My Compassion

"I have such a deep love for my tribe and humanity. I truly believe there are more good people in the world than not. By better understanding one another we open up to true unity that we all deserve." 

The piece I keep for myself

My Self Worth

"No one will ever value you more than you do yourself. I’ve learned best the value of my own self worth and to never settle for less than the respect I deserve."