Ambrosia Cuff, Silver

Hand sculpted sterling silver. No two are quite the same, made by the artist to represent the flow of air. Made in very limited quantities and will not be made again.

Found in Athens, Greece

About the Designer

Yanni Souvatzoglou is not a traditional jewelry designer. Known among Europe's elite for his sculptural artworks, his pieces have been featured in galleries around the globe and his work has been commission by dignitaries and celebrities. Graceful and provoking, they pay homage to the human shape and mind. 

In very limited quantities, Yanni handcrafts an exclusive collection of jewelry made available only in his Athens gallery. After meeting him and his family, The Accessory Junkie was entrusted with select pieces from his collection to bring to the US. This is the first time his jewelry has been available outside the gallery. We're honored and excited to share these pieces with you this Fall. 

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