Olivia Necklace, White


Using beautiful artisan and sustainable techniques, the Olivia necklace is hand braided and adorned with charming fringe and pearl details. To complete the look, pair this with the Lira earring. Handmade in limited quantities.


Technical Details:

  • Freshwater Pearl
  • 100% raw cotton
  • Waxed polyester cord
  • Adjustable fit


About the designer:

Taking inspiration from the belief that a simple world is a better world, this textile design and production workshop seeks to to convey the value of our hands and highlight the natural beauty of each material. They have made it a mission to rethink and explore waste as a means to create unique, timeless and sustainable pieces of jewelry. With this their main resources have become raw cotton yarn and textile waste discarded due to fabric errors. Working hand in hand with artisans who preserve the knowledge about ancestral techniques, and the care and respect for nature, the team is able to transform these natural materials into high-quality artisan pieces. Curated from Mexico.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of our collection, colors and patterns may vary slightly from the image shown. Minor differences enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each style.

Shipping: 3-4 weeks
No cancellations after November 25

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