Amri Kibbler | Fierce Female

Co-Founder HeyMama

Amri Kibbler and her business partner Katya Libin are proof that two heads together are so much better than one. Their brainchild, HEYMAMA, isn’t just a constant source of wisdom, inspiration and support for its now 100,000 (and growing) community, but it’s simultaneously a safe haven and launchpad. From the women who run businesses to celebrities and influencers, they've tapped into a space that connects women in a way unlike anything else... motherhood. We’ve been admiring their intrepid partnership, and have been so honored to sit down with them to get a firsthand glimpse into their lives as women, fashionable founders, and mothers.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Amri: “Family. It all starts with the family you are building; the next generation with endless possibilities. That's powerful!”

TAJ: You and your co-founder Katya created a whole new space to connect and build a community of women through Heymama. What rules were broken when you started your company?

Amri: “The beauty of not knowing the rules when we started Heymama was that we crushed rules left and right without a thought.”

TAJ: What rules need to be broken next for women to reach their full potential?

Amri: “A lot of these stories are things women learn as kids—subtle messages we carry with us our whole lives. We need to talk to our kids (boys and girls) about money, gender roles, equality, what it takes to build and run a business!!  It’s time to ignore the rule and let our kids decide what they want to be.”

TAJ: As a woman in business you're always meeting new people across all backgrounds and industries, how does getting dressed play a part in your day-to-day?

Amri: “I don’t prep what I wear. I wear what I feel every day. It’s personal self-expression for me. Katya says I tend to wear things that are unexpected, but I don’t think too much about the way I style; it’s what I feel, and I go with that. The only time I pre-style is when traveling—then I plan each look and pack them with accessories.”

TAJ: Do you think stereotypes exist in your line of work and how do you break through them?

Amri: “Oh man, there are so many stereotypes!!! Moms are busy, but we prioritize what is important and get shit done! We can break that by hiring each other and helping to recommend other mamas that are doing good work."

TAJ: What's the best compliment someone can give a woman?

Amri: “Your journey has inspired me to do X.”

TAJ: What does being fierce mean to you?

Amri: “Facing fears head-on."

TAJ: Advice for other women?

Amri: “Community. Community. Community.”

TAJ: What kind of accessories do you love? How do accessories make you feel?

Amri: “I usually go for simple and sleek but in the Fall, I love feathers, fringe, you name it!"

TAJ: You're at a cocktail party, how do you meet people. Any secrets for breaking the ice?

Amri: “I’m actually kind of shy (I know you don’t believe me!!). I look for someone’s outfit I like and ask them about it! I can talk about fashion for days."

TAJ: If there's one thing people take away after meeting you, what do you hope that is?

Amri: “Anything is possible!"

TAJ: Lipstick or gloss?

Amri: “Gloss."

TAJ: We always say the world is bursting with talent - so we travel to every corner in search of new talented designers. New York is bursting with energy, events, and things to do. What’s your favorite thing to do or favorite restaurant to go to?

Amri: “This may be terribly uncool, but one of my favorite things I’ve done lately was to create a Saori wall hanging. I’ve been daydreaming of getting back to the studio to make another. Food-wise we love Luca and Lama Inn.”

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