Mazz Hanna | Fierce Female

Founder, Mazz Hanna & Celeb Nail Artist

Whatever your plans are today, you’re going to wish they included a customized crystal-infused-manicure from Mazz Hanna.

Mazz’s luxurious treatments have attracted celebrities like Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, and Selma Blair. She has completely elevated manicures and nail art into a restorative wellness experience beyond anything that’s been done before. In addition to her extensive celebrity clientele, her magic touch is regularly called on for campaigns for brands like Prada, Smashbox, and Nordstrom.

We asked Mazz how she started the nail phenomenon that’s causing a stir (search “Julia Roberts manicure” and see what we mean). Everyone from Allure to Forbes is talking about her. She was recently awarded a coveted 2019 Elle Beauty Genius Award and her new skincare line is an editor favorite winning countless "Best of" awards.

Mazz: “It all started with a panic attack on an airplane. I was a Creative Director for a top ad agency and was completely uninspired and burnt out.

On the brink of a nervous breakdown I thought to myself if I could start my career over, what would I do? I took a long hard look at what I needed to be happy, and I realized that it wasn’t money – which was what was keeping me in the advertising industry.  I decided if I was going to leave advertising, it better be something that I’m damn passionate about it. I've always loved crystals and nails, and the idea for an elevated experiential nail salon hit me. Once the idea set in, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I gave 4 months' notice to my job and enrolled in nail school and a crystal healing certification program. My nights and weekends were completely consumed with pursuing my new venture. By the time my last day at the office rolled around, I was ready to hit the ground running.

"I felt alive and excited for the first time in over a decade." 

About 2 days after I left my job a friend from New York called and asked if I could do him a huge favor. He was a talent manager and had a client flying into town for a photo shoot. He wasn’t able to make it last minute, so he asked if I could pick his client up and accompany her on set throughout the day. “Sounds fun!” I thought and agreed to help him out. That day I met the legendary Jenna Hipp, Founder of Nailing Hollywood—an agency that represents celebrity nail artists. She complimented my nails, I told her my story, and the rest is history. Within a few weeks of meeting her, I was working with A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence.

When a celebrity has their nails done, they usually don't have time to dry their nails as they speed off to the red carpet. I started giving them my custom blend of crystal infused cuticle oil to put on and they went crazy for it. People were always asking me if they could buy it, but I wasn’t selling it. After enough people asked, I realized that there was a real business opportunity waiting so I started working to bringing the vision to life.

I launched the Mazz Hanna collection on September 15, 2018, exactly one year after leaving my advertising job. Nothing makes me happier than getting emails from customers telling me how my products have helped them, their friends or family members. There truly is nothing quite like it, and I can’t wait to continue on this exciting new journey."

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Mazz: “Feline. I’m cat obsessed. You have to earn their love and affection and when you do, there's nothing quite like it.”

TAJ: What does being fierce mean to you?

Mazz: “Fear is in the word fierce. Embrace fear, run towards the things that scare you and conquer them.”

TAJ: What are your superpowers?

Mazz: “Being able to juggle a lot of different things at once. I have a strong work ethic and I use that on a daily basis to grow everything I’m doing."

TAJ: How do accessories make you feel?

Mazz: "They make me feel amazing. I have a pink skull necklace from The Accessory Junkie that I'm obsessed with and I always get a ton of compliments when I wear it. It lifts my mood and I feel great in it."

TAJ: What rules have you broken?

Mazz: "I ignore the mere existence of rules."

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