Our Gift To You

Sunday March 7 through Monday March 8, all orders at The Accessory Junkie will receive a bottle of Bomba Beauty Bites as a gift and reminder that beauty comes from within.

We're honored and excited to support Bomba Curls' incredible female founder, Lulu Cordero.

Lulu Cordero

CEO & Formulator of Bomba Curls

"Every item is made by hand, not machines or factories. It feels good to wear jewelry made by women and BIPOC and know the story of where it comes from. And, today it feels even better supporting another female founder, Lulu Cordero of Bomba Curls"

- Michelle Reeves, Co-founder & CEO

The Accessory Junkie

Quotes From Lulu

What do you love most about Bomba Beauty Bites?

“Beauty starts from the inside out. Bomba Beauty Bites give my body complete nourishment in a way that also gives me peace of mind because I know I am helping my body to help itself. They’re also so yummy, they taste like passion fruit. ! I feel like I’m on a tropical getaway every time I have a bite.”

“My accessories are playful, vibrant and bold- they’re reflective of my Caribbean roots. I live for a pair of statement earrings!”

- Lulu Cordero, on how her accessories reflect her inimitable style.

Looking statement earrings from our latest collection? Check out the Maud, Beth, and Rosemary earrings.

What advice do you have for women starting their own business?

“Never lose sight of why you started. Every day as an entrepreneur presents a new struggle and you will be hit sometimes with challenges that can feel insurmountable- but reminding yourself of why you set down this path in the first place is what will help keep you pushing through. You’ve got what it takes, just tap into that and keep going down your path.”