The perfect earrings. A signature necklace. The right accessory takes your mood from average to extra.

Dive into our world of few-of-a-kind accessories curated from around the globe. Each piece is handmade and available for a limited time only. Enjoy the power of "feeling extra".

Lizzy Savetsky

Accessories Addict // @lizzysavetsky

"I’m so happy to share my collection with you! The artisans and designers who created these pieces are so inspiring. I know you will not only love the amazing accessories but also the stories behind them. I’m feeling extra confident, inspired, and bold, and I hope you do too."

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"The collection is Cleopatra meets Frida Kahlo and Jackie Kennedy in her Onassis era. It represents strong, glamorous women with focused, unapologetic style. Each accessory is a conversation piece that tells a story about a place and a feeling.

When I wear these accessories I imagine I’m on the most luxurious boating trip. I can smell the ocean, feel the breeze and warmth of the sun, and taste the crisp white wine."

"One of the best days of my life was with my husband and friends in Mykonos, dancing in the sunset, overlooking the sparkling sea. The Priscilla Clutch reminds me of those perfect shades of blue from the crystal waters to the endless sky."

"I love the retro feel of the Nora earrings.  The scarf detail is reminiscent of Jackie O, yachting across the Mediterranean waters.

The oversized gold architectural earrings are so utterly glamorous and the architectural elements are so thoughtful! I would love to visit Columbia one day and explore the brilliant local artisans."

"There is a lot of emotion tied to my accessories. They mean something to me. I have a gold coin on a chain that my great grandfather gave to my great grandmother that makes me feel connected to my heritage. 

My handbags remind me of places I’ve been, many of them still littered with different currencies in the side pockets, matchbooks from wonderful meals, and even grains of sand from vacations of the past."

"Since I was a little girl, wherever I travel, I always bring home a piece of jewelry as a souvenir to keep the memories alive. I’ve collected hundreds and I could tell you exactly where I was and how I felt when I bought each from the souk in Marrakech to the flea market is Jaffa."

"Accessories reflect my desire to make an impact and leave a bold, sparkling mark on the world!"

I feel glamorous and powerful when I put on my accessories. Statement pieces send a message of fearlessness! Sometimes I don’t feel fearless, but then I put on my oversized earrings and suddenly I’m in character.

You can never go wrong with dazzling earrings on vacation! I usually forgo styling my hair to save time when I’m traveling, so I count on my ear glitz to help me feel pulled together and beautiful. There’s nothing chicer than a pony or slick bun paired with a bold earring.

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