The perfect earrings. A signature necklace. The right accessory takes your mood from average to extra.

Dive into our world of few-of-a-kind accessories curated from around the globe. Each piece is handmade and available for a limited time only. Enjoy the power of "feeling extra".

Emily Men


"This collection represents freedom - the freedom to express yourself and freedom from limitations.

There is the perfect piece for every mood and event, and the collection is so cohesive you can make a statement with one piece or pile on several for a really bold look!"

- @emilymen

Available July 28 - August 6

"This collection brings to mind the image of the ocean and endless sky. After the year we've had, everyone is dying to travel, and this collection immediately evokes the tropics for me.

The Annika Earrings make me dream of Africa. I've been dying to make a trip there and until then, I will wear these as inspiration!"

"The collection is so cohesive, you can make a statement with one piece or pile on several for a really bold look."

"I've always thought of accessories as the finishing touch —they complete your look and can instantly change the entire mood of an outfit."

"I consider myself a chameleon, and my accessories tell that story. Depending on my mood, I might choose a statement piece, which says I am bold and fashion forward, or keep things simple and classic, or incorporate some vintage finds that add dimension - or combine all 3!"

"It's hard to choose just one, but my must have accessory for this summer would have to be the statement earring.

The right statement earrings instantly transform a simple outfit into a fashion forward one, which is perfect for hot summer days when you are traveling and want to keep your outfits easy."

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