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Hitha Palepu

Author, Founder, CEO // @hithapalepu

"My collection is about embracing all of who you are. I’ve joked that I have two very different styles for dressing—and rarely do I fall anywhere in between. I celebrate every part of my personality and I encourage you to do that same. Right now, I’m feeling extra powerful, fun, and wise. Do you feel the same?

My special collection includes colorful pleated, silk earrings from Greece, and I couldn’t resist including some modern pearl pieces inspired by the book I’m writing about Vice President Kamala Harris."

Available April 8 - 11

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"I’ve joked that I have two very different styles for dressing—and rarely do I fall anywhere in between. One end is tomboyish, sporting jeans, t-shirts, maybe a blazer, and sneakers. The other is an eccentric older heiress, where I don caftans and loose dresses in bright colors and patterns, statement headbands, and shoes usually involving faux fur.

This collection represents those two halves of me. There are simple, more masculine pieces like the Orbe necklace. And because I’m writing a book about Vice President Kamala Harris, I couldn’t resist including some modern pearl pieces like the Eloise earrings."

"This collection brings me back to my childhood, sitting in my mother’s closet and organizing her jewelry with her. I loved the feel of the velvet boxes that she kept her precious sets stored in, the cool touch of the gold pieces, and the glitter of the gemstones. She’d hand me pieces to put on, then she’d lean back and say, “These pieces look like they were made for you.”

"Accessories are what I want to wear—not what I have to wear. They transform basic clothes into how I want to present myself to the world. I love mixing up the jewelry I wear every day to amp myself up for the meetings or the tasks ahead."

"My accessories represent my past, present, and future. There are pieces passed down from my mother and mother-in-law that I wear every day (gold bangles and an Indian 9-stone ring), and I feel like I have the blessings and support from my ancestors when I wear them. My engagement ring and birthstone necklace represent the family my husband and I have created. And the finishing touches—a bold pair of earrings or necklace, strong rings or bracelets—remind me of the woman I am and want to be."

"Accessories make me feel strong and powerful but in a feminine way. A woman’s power is not brash or aggressive. It’s subtle and understated, and accessories play a key role in how I step into my power and show that power to the world."

My must-have accessories to take on vacation are colorful earrings like the Klara, Hannah, and Aurelia, a statement ring like the Emma, and a layered necklace like the Arianna or Memoir.

The pieces in my collection will be handmade in Greece, Cyprus, India, Colombia, and Mexico.

India is dear to me, and Hyderabad is my second home. Kundan Jewelers have been our family’s jeweler for decades, so no visit to Hyderabad is complete without stopping there. Falaknuma Palace is a must-visit. The former palace of the Nizam of Hyderabad, it’s now a Taj property and the service and property are spectacular. It’s a little outside of the city, so if you prefer to stay inside Hyderabad proper, I recommend the Taj Krishna or the ITC Koh-I-Noor. Chowmalla Palace is another must-see and is absolutely spectacular. No visit to Hyderabad is complete without buying bangles in Laad Bazaar or having dum biryani at Paradise.

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