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Kate Bowman

Classic Southern Style // @LonestarSouthern

"This collection represents more than just my personal taste and aesthetic: it represents so many individual stories, backgrounds and eyes for design. It’s such a special privilege to share pieces sourced from around the world from the gifted artisans who create them!"

Available August 9 - 13

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"This collection is filled with warm golds and ivory tones, which instantly brings to mind that beautiful golden, iridescent color my favorite rosé takes on in evening light. Balmy spring and summer evenings spent outdoors with wine and wonderful company are my very favorite!"

"You’ll find a lot of soft ivory elements in this collection, accompanied by warm gold tones and a pop or two of blue. It instantly makes me think of the blue waters and white stone streets of Mykonos, Greece, a place I’ve always dreamed of visiting!"

"One of my favorite and most special places that I’ve actually spent time in is the Tuscan countryside, specifically Cortona, Italy… a place rich in history but lovely and relaxed in terms of lifestyle. You’ll find a lot of classic elements woven into this collection (cable motifs, pearls, golds, etc) and mixed with softer touches like floral touches and branding that mimics that juxtaposition beautifully."

"I find that more than with individual pieces of clothing, I’m quick to attach memories and sentimental moments to accessories. Accessories don’t just complete an outfit, they often take me back to moments like where I was when I purchased a special necklace or who I was with when I first wore a great pair of earrings. I still remember digging through my mom’s jewelry box as a child and hearing her share the stories behind each piece."

"I never leave for vacation without a really fabulous pair of statement earrings. While I love dressing up in my normal life, there’s nothing like pulling out all the stops on a night on vacation, and statement earrings are such a fun way to make any outfit (and any night) feel more special!"

"This collection showcases my love for timeless style mixed in with pops of fun!

Accessories truly make or break an outfit and there’s no feeling like putting just the right one on!"

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