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Dive into our world of few-of-a-kind accessories curated from around the globe. Each piece is handmade and available for a limited time only. Enjoy the power of "feeling extra".

Liz Teich


"Handmade accessories are a work of art and can have a story to tell, so I always find it to be one of the investments you can make in your wardrobe. 

As a stylist, I try to find unique pieces that are wearable for both myself and my clients. As someone who used to design and make jewelry (and my mother did as well), I always support independent designers."

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"I was drawn to the gold pieces, which is very much my modern boho aesthetic, and I gravitated towards emerald, as it is my birthstone. It’s also is a symbol of fertility and rebirth, which speaks to me as I gave birth at the beginning of the pandemic and now am in the rebirth with so much hope going into these warmer months."

"I always love when accessories always tell a story. They’re like a kiss to an outfit and are something that can be great conversation starters. It’s the best feeling when someone compliments or asks about my accessory and I can talk about why it’s special to me, especially when it’s a unique piece."

"My collection reminds me of vintage photos of my late mother. I lost my mom as a child to cancer so she’s a big inspiration for everything I do, including my style. She was a hippie but also the epitome of 70s glamour—a mix between Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Jerry Hall. I chose pieces in my collection that remind me of the jewelry my mom designed and wore."

"The collection reminds me of a trip my husband and I took to Tulum, 5 years ago. We had a magical experience there (our last hoorah before starting a family) and this jewelry instantly brings me back. Between the local artisans and the chic vacation go-ers (especially the fashionable jet setting NYC crowd), it completely fits the vibe and makes me want to return."

"Accessories are important to me because it’s something that I grew up with an emphasis on. My mother was a jeweler and she taught me the importance of family heirlooms. I’ve always looked at my accessories as something I want to pass onto my children one day.

We didn’t have a lot of money when I was young, so my mom handmade our clothes or got them second hand, however, accessories were something she always took pride in. Growing up, I never left the house without jewelry or a purse because it was so engrained in me how important accessories were!"

"I feel complete when I put accessories on. I used to over-accessorize in my 20’s but now—especially being a busy working mom—I choose fewer, more special pieces that really make my outfit look polished effortless, and also eye-catching.

A great bag to take you from day to night is a must on vacation! Also, great earrings you can dress up or down. I love pieces with versatility!"

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