Katerina Makriyianni

Charming & Courageous

Meet the designer from Crete, Greece living life in full color

From an idyllic town in Crete meet the designer whose colorful earrings have pop stars and style icons wanting more

Rare feathers, deeply colored ruby and emerald stones, velvet cords in luxurious jewel tones and bright metallics. These are some of the reasons women such as Taiwanese pop sensation Jolin Cai and editors at VOGUE can't get enough of the earrings from Greek designer, Katerina Makriyianni.

Katerina is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her artful designs evoke a soft feminine attitude juxtaposed with bold shapes and strong colors.

We met with Katerina in her charming hometown of Chania, an idyllic coastal town along the coast of Greece's largest island, Crete. Inside her studio, lay baskets filled with soft silks in the richest jewel tones. In one corner a shelving unit lined with every metallic cord and thread imaginable and in the middle of it all were her dedicated, all-star, all-female team.

"I'm a color junkie. I love to bring color into my world and into other people's worlds. How boring life would be without color everywhere."​

Katerina's studio is nestled among the charming streets of Chania, a beautiful city filled with local artisans, boutiques and restaurants. A dedicated team of talented women help bring her vision to life, each one with a specialized skill from welding gold to hand sewing every silk thread with precision.

Each collection features beautiful silk fabrics, each one hand selected for its bold hue and rich texture. When Katerina finds a unique material, she'll keep it until the right inspiration comes to tranfsform it into the next spectactular earring.