Dive into our world of few-of-a-kind accessories curated from around the globe. Each piece is handmade and available for a limited time only. Enjoy the power of "feeling extra".

Creative Director and Artist Satchel Lee curated and photographed her 15-piece collection to inspire others to be unapologetically themselves. "To be yourself, can be extremely radical." This collection is filled with diverse shapes and textures to celebrate beauty in diversity.

Satchel Lee

@satchellee // Creative Director

"This collection represents to me a modern person on the go who wants to be fashionable but doesn’t want to spend lots of time thinking about putting a look together. That’s how I am. So having pieces that I know are beautiful and pretty much go with anything makes me feel confident that when I walk out of my door, I’ll be looking my best."

Available June 1 - 30

15% from the sale of every accessory with the Support Trans Equality badge goes to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in support of Trans Equality.

"This collection is also really special to me because the pieces are sustainable and traceable back to the artisans who handmade it all over the world. I always try to be conscious of what I consume so it feels good to know that this is a direct exchange, and there is no risk of over production or excess. And it always feels good to support other artists rather than a large corporation."

"When I put on accessories I feel like I’ve completed my look and I’m ready to take on anything. Even if I wasn’t feeling that way before."

"Pride month has always been a time for me and my chosen family to celebrate our inherent beauty and worth as queer people in a world that not only seeks to discredit the queer experience but actively commits systematic violence against us. But truthfully we do that all year. Pride is not just about putting on some glitter eyeshadow and dancing in the street. Being unapologetically yourself is extremely radical - even if that means sitting at home reading a book. Queerness is multifaceted and doesn’t look one way."

"Recently Pride has become a big corporate grab - all of these big companies build floats for parades and hand out rainbow flags with their logos on it but the question is what are they doing during the other 11 months of the year? How are they helping to push for equality?

And if you were to ask any queer influencer or artist, they will tell you their work picks up during June. And that’s great. But queerness is something that should be celebrated and protected all year long."

"I’m partnering with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. They have been the national leader in the fight for equality of the LGBTQIA community. I specifically wanted to focus this campaign on helping those most vulnerable in the community, black and brown trans and gnc folks. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the HRC but you can help us by getting involved with the Count Me In campaign. Go to the link and lend your voice!"

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