The Emma Earring

We had the great fortune to discover the creative beauty of Andra Neen in Mexico City. We ventured down a side studio in Roma Norte and stumbled into a tiny treasure box filled with gold.

Lisa DiCicco Cahue (@lisadnyc) models The Emma Earring.

There we discovered the work of sisters, Phoebe and Annette. They are a dynamic duo whose grandmother was an artist and jewelry designer in Mexico and her pieces were collected by Frida Kahlo, Peggy Guggenheim, and Elizabeth Arden among others.

The Emma Earring was designed by sisters, Phoebe and Annette.

Their style is unmistakable - elegant long lines, caged geometric metallic masterpieces that look more like wearable art than traditional jewelry.

Their elegant lines have been featured in many editorials including Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, W, and VOGUE.

Now it's your turn to make them yours.

Every Piece Has a Story