The Kate Earring

Sometimes the best discoveries are right in front you you! As a company based in Portland, OR, we were especially excited to meet Andrea, a medical student in Portland AND designer of the best selling earring that we cannot get enough of (literally, demand is sky high), the Kate Earrings.

Andrea is a Public Health student by day and jewelry designer by night, carefully creating ceramic petals for the dreamy ivory and gold Kate Earrings.

This accessory brings us extra joy as we support our hometown girl. We met for coffee at one of Portland's locally owned donut shops, Coco Donuts across from the PSU campus. We poured through her handmade art, nibbled on warm, fresh donuts and talked about how good it felt to bring the world together!

The design is inspired by her Asian family heritage as she uses her precise skills to create intricate designs that can be styled everyday.

Andrea handcrafts a pair of Kate Earrings in her Portland, Oregon home studio.

Kate Bowman @lonestarsouthern added the Kate Earring as her signature piece in her curated collection for the summer

After taking 3D Art classes in her last year of high school, Andrea found her calling with sculptural techniques. She merged her new passion with her love for jewelry, and began making earrings. The Kate earrings feature soft white ceramic hand sculpted flowers, mixed with golden hoops that she describes as feminine with an Asian influence.
Andrea finds inspiration from the Kuan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) figurines that fill her family home and the golden details of her grandmother's temple. 

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