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Annie Evans and Aija Mayrock showing off their favorite accessories

Annie Evans has been on all sides of business. Whether as a founder or investor she has always been a natural-born connector. Marrying brands and partnerships, rising startups and VCs. As many can attest to in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and beyond, all business roads lead to or from Annie. Today Annie runs her own business at Dream Ventures and is busy building enviable programs in the world of beauty for Regi (a wonderful concierge app we tested in NYC for on-demand beauty appointments, a lifesaver while racing from event to event across town while in need of a blowout!).

"I love making new friends and lean on my tribe of girlfriends through the good times & the bad.  I make friendships a top priority in my life to nurture and build new ones.  I love making new friendships when living in different cities and then traveling to see each other & staying in touch." 

TAJ: What is your favorite F-word?

Annie: “Forward. My motto is onward & upward as you move through life. Keep learning, trying, launching & moving forward towards your goals and dreams.

TAJ: What rules have you broken to be where you are today?

Annie: "I had zero clue how to fundraise in 2012 so I just went out there and started talking to friends that did. I asked questions and learned as I went along.  Now founders come to me often asking how to structure deals, approach investors, etc."

TAJ: What rules need to be broken next?

Annie: “I think the role of running the household needs to change - women are working the same hours as men but still fall into gender roles of running the household - organizing the childcare, booking Doctor appts, cleaning, buying holiday gifts... the invisible labor of keeping everything running. I am lucky that my husband is all about "dividing & conquering”.

TAJ: What's one piece of advice you have for anyone starting out in their career?

Annie: “If you start a business with co-founders, make sure to have an operating agreement. Set clear roles and outline how to vote on big decisions for the company.  I have experienced and heard many times of companies failing when the founders don't see eye to eye so good to have everything spelled out in the operating agreement (equity, roles, etc).”

TAJ: Professional accomplishment you're most proud of?

Annie: “Helping iFundWomen raise their seed round - we raised 1 million from thirty powerhouse female angel investors and closed the round in a month."

TAJ: As a businesswoman, what's your stance on looking put together - what's the easiest thing someone can do to achieve it?

Annie: “A great blowout  & manicure. My go-to site to book these is Regi - it's a beauty concierge service that is free & they do all the work for you of finding an appointment." 

TAJ: What's the best compliment someone can give a woman?

Annie: “You inspire me to go after my goal/dream/passion.”

TAJ: Advice for other fierce females?

Annie: “Make vision board each year and put pen to paper of what you want to manifest, create, achieve. "

TAJ: What does being fierce mean to you?

Annie: “Fierce means having guts to go outside your comfort zone and the perseverance to keep going when you experience obstacles, failures & setbacks. I slid into the DM of Melinda Gates the other day - you don't get if you don't ask..”

TAJ: What kind of accessories do you love? How do accessories make you feel?

Annie: “I like layering delicate accessories - rings, necklaces, earrings - usually gold! Makes me feel feminine and glam."

TAJ: You're at a cocktail party, how do you meet people. Any secrets for breaking the ice?

Annie: “What's your love language - if they don't know, do the test - always a crowd-pleaser."

TAJ: At Accessory Junkie, we talk about how accessories are the “modern girl’s armor”. You put them on, you’re ready to take on the world. Accessories speak to your unique style, your superpowers. What’s your superpower?

Annie: “My superpower is connecting people to make magic together, forge friendships, collaborations and building community of amazing women. I love meeting passionate entrepreneurs and helping to make connections that open doors - I get an endorphin high from helping founders build their business. I like to ask the question when helping entrepreneurs - what are the top 3 dreams you want to make happen this year. Then I want to help them achieve those goals."

Black and white photo of Aija Mayrock and Annie Evans dressed in stylish accessories.

Fast friends and Fierce females of Holiday; Aija Mayrock joins Annie Evans

TAJ: If life starts at point "A", what's your tip to get to point Z?

Annie: “Ask for help. I attribute a lot of my success with different communities I am a member of (heymama, HER, Ladies Lounge, SHE JC). I make it a priority to attend monthly events and build relationships with different communities (investors, moms, millennials) and I add a ton of value & offer help to the group and then ask for help when I need it. Always give more then you take. I always think "how can I add value & make a deposit then" what I can extract and who can this person introduce me to."

TAJ: We always say the world is bursting with talent - so we travel to every corner in search of new talented designers. New York is bursting with energy, events, and things to do. What’s your favorite thing to do?

Annie: “My favorite restaurant is my husband's cafe called WHEALTH - I love the design, delicious food and that it has a sense of community - I am always running into friends & neighbors when grabbing coffee or brunch.”

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