Samantha Gutstadt | Fierce Female

Actress & Co-creator, Don't Call Me Mommy

Millions are smiling and laughing thanks to this Fierce Female, Samantha Gutstadt. Co-creator of the comedy duo Don't Call Me Mommy. This talented actress and digital influencer is using her wit and creative energy towards her biggest and most relatable role ever, motherhood.

With over 4 million views in less than a year, Samantha and her co-creator/comedy partner Haely White are sharing the truly absurd yet very real truths of what goes on inside the life of moms. This Fierce Female uses humor to conquer the crazy and shares hilarious honesty about the chaos that comes with being a modern mother of two boys.

Unsurprisingly, Samantha was recently featured in Forbes magazine as one of Los Angeles' Top Mom Influencers to watch. This girl is just getting started! We're excited about the big news coming soon as Samantha and her co-creator launch a live format talk show they'll be writing and starring in this summer.

In the meantime, you can catch this funny woman starring with Nick Viall from the Bachelor in a series called Before/After and of course, our favorite, Don't Call Me Mommy.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Samantha: “Fun. I love all things comedy and it's what I do for work. More importantly, I think if we can make life fun it allows us to get through the highs and lows by always seeing the positive.”

TAJ: What rules did you break to be where you are today?

Samantha: “I wrote an idea for a show on a napkin (after a few drinks). I went to a pitch meeting the next day and presented the napkin to a room full of executives. As my writing partner and shared our idea and slid that napkin across the table, they told us they want to buy it!

We’re actors who love to write and create. The traditional point of entry isn’t available to us so we get creative. I don’t take no for an answer, instead, I constantly look for another way in."

TAJ: What rules need to be broken next?

Samantha: “I used to wait for permission to be creative. I’m not waiting anymore. My co-creator and I are taking things into our own hands. If we have an idea we make it right away. Social media makes it so easy to share and we're so excited to do it.

My advice is don't wait. Don't wait to be funded or to have everything be perfect in your life. Go for it. You can mess up and then you can make it right. Experimenting is the greatest thing ever - it’s how you get the best end result."

TAJ: If you had a different career what would that be?

Samantha: "A criminologist. Growing up, my school evaluations always came back with criminology. I find people fascinating and I love true crime stories. I’m a storyteller but also question asker so I’m constantly asking why."

TAJ: You're always filming, traveling, meeting new people. What role do accessories play in your style?

Samantha: “I’m a very simple person in terms of hair, makeup and clothes. I live it up with accessories. I'm all about hair in a top knot, white tee and then big earrings or a ton of rings."

Samantha's Junkie Confession:

“It changes. Right now I'm an adventure-seeking junkie.
Saying yes to things that scare me."

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