April Uchitel | Fierce Female

Founding Member, I Am A Voter

Can you tell a lot about a person by the color of their lipstick?

After spending time with April Uchitel, beauty industry insider, we're beginning to think so. A perfect red lip is April’s signature style, whether we’re sipping cocktails with her in Malibu or at meetings in West Hollywood. Her famous red lip is always intact, to perfection.

So, here’s the thing about red lipstick. If you want it to look good, you can’t cut corners. You have to prepare, hold a steady hand, be committed and have a vision.

Basically, you can’t do half a red lip. You go all the way.

Just like her signature red lip, April’s commitment to women, innovation and building forward-thinking brands goes all the way.

April has worked with a multitude of designer and beauty brands, including Diane Von Furstenberg where she grew DVF into a global iconic brand. She’s a mentor for the CFDA and is committed to supporting the next generation of emerging talent. Most recently this Fierce Female was CEO of Violet Grey and is a founding member of Iamvoter, a non-partisan public awareness campaign that aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

April: “Feminine. I use the other F-word a lot but Feminine is the most important F word. There’s a conversation happening. We should tap into all things feminine even if you’re not female.”

TAJ: What does being fierce mean to you?

April: “Tapping into an internal fire - what gets you up in the morning, gets you excited, gets you through hard things. Fierce is constantly moving the goal post for yourself.”

TAJ: What advice do you have for other fierce females?

April: “Listen to your own voice. It’s really easy to follow other people’s paths or assume that what they do is what should be done. Look for role models that motivate you and then put your own spin on it.”

TAJ: What’s the best compliment you can give a woman?

April: “I see you.”

TAJ: What role do accessories have for you?

April: “My glasses are my main accessory followed by the power of a red lip and rings. It goes back to this fire and power inside. I put that red lip on and I can conquer the world."

"I'm a productivity Junkie. I don't like to be idle."

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