Catherine McCord | Fierce Female

Founder & CEO, Weelicious

Is Catherine McCord the Cauliflower whisperer? Her powers include turning vegetables into delicious smoothies that everyone slurps up to the very last drop. She inspires over a quarter of a million people every Tuesday with her food videos on Instagram that excite people of all ages to make innovative and healthy treats (check out the pea popsicles she recently made - yes, green pea popsicles). And one more thing about that cauliflower, she will put it in your smoothie and it is surprisingly scrumptious.

Founder and CEO of Weelicious, Catherine has written books, is a regular on the television circuit appearing on the Food Network, Today Show, The Chew, Access Hollywood Live, and Good Morning America. She is a sought after guest on Next Food Network Star and each week she's on NBC’s Danny Seo Naturally.

If that's not enough, this Fierce Female is a busy mom of three and recently started a new company, One Potato: an organic family-friendly meal company delivering semi-prepared meals to encourage families to cook and eat together.

Catherine is making everyone's lives more convenient and healthier one meal at a time. With contagious energy like hers, we all want what she's having.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Catherine: “Fun. If life isn't fun, what's it all about?”

TAJ: What does being Fierce mean to you?

Catherine: “I approach all of my businesses with a sense of fierce purpose. A lot of people are timid about being fierce because they think it means being aggressive. Follow your passion, if you’re fierce about something there will be other people out there who feel the same way.”

TAJ: What rules have you broken to achieve success?

Catherine: “I ignore rules. Follow your passion and what you believe in. I see the world how it can be and should be, as opposed to how it is now.

I’m always teaching my two daughters they can do anything. They just have to set their goals and follow through. It’s time to break old patterns, we all need new ways of thinking and doing things.”

TAJ: What’s one thing people should take away after meeting you?

Catherine: “My intentions are good and I mean what I say. Everything I do comes from a positive place.”

TAJ: What’s the best compliment you can give another woman?

Catherine: “Anything about her confidence. When I see a woman who is doing something admirable it’s far more impressive to comment on that than something on the outside.”

TAJ: What is your superpower?

Catherine: “Multitasking. Like many other women, I’m doing 10 things at once from the minute I wake up.”

TAJ: What role do accessories play in your life?

Catherine: “They change my mood. I get to be something different each time. Accessories allow me to adapt to a role or the weather, instantly elevating my look and my spirits. And, I love sentimental jewelry. Anything with a story or deeper meaning.”

Catherine's Junkie Confession:

“I'm a cookbook & jewelry Junkie"

Every Piece Has a Story