Shantira Jackson | Fierce Female


Shantira rocks the Muse necklace.

Shantira Jackson is a writer, a damn great, funny, sharp, witty one at that. A Chicago transplant now based in Los Angeles she just wrapped up a season of writing for the late-night talk show Busy Tonight with Busy Philips. 

The only thing that shines as bright as Shantira's sharp and funny wit is her full-body smile. When she laughs, it's not just with her face, it's her entire being.

She is a former writer for NPR’s “Ask Me Another” and the popular game "Cards Against Humanity." She has been featured on Refinery29's "Strong Opinions Loosely Held," and has been a contributing writer for the Writer's Guild Awards, The Webby Awards, and The ESPYS. She is an alum of The Second City Mainstage and can be seen performing all over the country with her critically-acclaimed improv group 3Peat.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Shantira: “Facetious. It's a fun word to say. Feels good to say it. Even the word itself sounds like it's being facetious just saying it.”

TAJ: What does it mean to be fierce?

Shantira: "Knowing your point of view and how you want to be seen in the world. That's fierce. Once you’re confident to be yourself you can help other people get to that place."

TAJ: What advice do you have for other women on their path to be fierce

Shantira: "However you want to be fierce is the right way. Do that. Be the best version of yourself and do what makes your heart happy."

TAJ: What's the best compliment you can give a woman?

Shantira: "To say someone is kind. Being kind means you're a good person and that's everything."

TAJ: What is your superpower?

Shantira: "I am timely, I like to respect people's time and utilize mine as best as possible. I take my time seriously when I do work and with my relationships – whether they’re platonic or romantic. I like to make the moments count."

TAJ: What kind of rules have you broken?

Shantira: "I have stayed myself the entire time on my journey – working in a box office at a theater to being a writer. I’ve stayed myself through all of it. Able to accomplish my goals without having to change who I am."

Shantira's Junkie Confession:

“I'm a concert Junkie. I love live music."

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