Katya Libin | Fierce Female

Co-Founder HeyMama

Katya Libin and her business partner Amri Kibbler are proof that two heads together are so much better than one. Their brainchild, HEYMAMA, isn’t just a constant source of wisdom, inspiration, and support for its now 100,000 (and growing) community, but it’s simultaneously a safe haven and launchpad. From the women who run businesses to celebrities and influencers, they've tapped into a space that connects women in a way unlike anything else... motherhood. We’ve been admiring their intrepid partnership, and have been so honored to sit down with them to get a firsthand glimpse into their lives as women, fashionable founders, and mothers.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Katya“Food. Outside of my occasional F-bomb, my favorite F word is FOOD. Because: no other explanation needed.

TAJ: You and your co-founder Amri created a new way to connect and build a community of women through Heymama. What rules were broken when you started your company?

Katya: “No matter who doesn’t understand or believe in our business, I have never let that phase me.”

TAJ: What rules need to be broken next for women to reach their full potential?

Katya: “The rules we write within create the narratives around what we can and cannot do. I think women too often under-credit or under-estimate what they have achieved. They don’t boast—they’re humble.  While those are tremendous qualities to keep, women also need to go into a board room and be able to tell the story and really sell their companies and their unique capabilities if they want to change the funding gap.”

TAJ: As a woman in business you're always meeting new people across all backgrounds and industries, how does getting dressed play a part in your day-to-day?

Katya: “I love making outfits on Sunday night before the week. This is way more enjoyable than rushing during the day.  I think, for me, making it fun and feel like dress upkeeps that whimsical nature of fashion. No one wants to be running late, anxious about what they’re wearing, and feeling the “I have nothing to wear” mantra. Lack of time = less creativity, so I love making the space for that if I can.”

TAJ: You're a working mother. What's your stance on "having it all" and what's your advice to other working mothers?

Katya: “Stay in the game. If you have kids and you want to take a break, or leave a job, keep up with your network, go to the conferences, build relationships. So often those are the very things you want to lean on. My other piece of advice is delegate. Having it all? Yes, and delivered. Like Bette Middler said, “I do think I have it all, and that’s because I have my health, an amazing family, my loving partner, a business I love, and the opportunity to make an impact.” I think every woman can have it all, as long as she knows what that all is and goes after it. "

TAJ: What's the best compliment someone can give a woman?

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