Karen Cahn | Fierce Female

Founder iFundWomen

Those who know, know her name. Karen Cahn. She's a woman’s woman, someone strong enough to say it like it is and back up every word. Plus, if you happen to have a brilliant idea, she’s the one you want in the room as you pitch it. Cahn’s a big believer in pushing the boundaries, in speaking up, and, above all, being tenacious. Read every little nugget of wisdom we could get out of her below — you’ll be wishing for more, we promise.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Karen: “Funding means freedom for women. Think about it - if you had all the money you needed in life, what decisions would you make differently?”

TAJ: What rules need to be broken for women to reach their full potential?

Karen: “We need to care way less about what people think of us and if people like us. We need to stop apologizing. We need to take up more space. We need to speak up.”

TAJ: As a woman in business you're always meeting new people across all backgrounds and industries, how does getting dressed play a part in your day-to-day?

Karen: “Oh man, this is a real weak spot for me - getting dressed. Well, shopping is where I really have a hard time - I hate to do it. I’m not interested. I don’t have time. I’m a single mom running a startup that I love and shopping for work outfits is literally the last thing I ever want to do if I have spare time. I’m also newly single and am starting to date, and I have zero outfits to wear out on a date, too! Picture piles of clothes on the floor of my closet. If anyone out there is reading this and wants to be my stylist, hit me up. I’m not kidding.”

TAJ: What's the best compliment someone can give a woman?

Karen: “Invest in women. We will push the female economy forward by putting our money where our mouths are.”

TAJ: What does being fierce mean to you?

Karen: “To me, being fierce means being tenacious. Not giving up. Being super passionate about something and knocking it out of the park."

TAJ: Advice for other Fierce Females?

Karen: “Fail fast and cheap. Fierce women aren’t afraid to take the risk, which I love but it’s so important to recognize when something isn’t working and move onto the next thing. My first startup was a failure, but it’s what led me to launch iFundWomen. There’s always value to be found in failing.”

TAJ: What kind of accessories do you love? How do accessories make you feel?

Karen: “Ok, even though I stink at shopping, I do happen to LOVE accessories, especially a cuff bracelet. My fave item right now is this Astrid cuff that I’m living for." 

TAJ: What's one thing every entrepreneur should know?

Karen: “I think every entrepreneur should have a corporate day job, period. Do not quit your good job with the money and the benefits to become an entrepreneur. Most startups fail and that’s totally ok! Failing means you tried which makes you a badass! Just don’t quit your job and sacrifice your financial security to start your new thing. If you are super passionate about starting a business, do it as a side hustle first and then when you are making enough money to quit your day job, then you’ve made it! "

TAJ: If there's one thing people take away after meeting you, what do you hope that is?

Karen: “My superpower is monetizing stuff. I can pretty much monetize anything you put in front of me. It’s a gift." 

TAJ: Coffee or tea?

Karen: “Tea."

TAJ: Lipstick or gloss?

Karen: “Glossier lip gloss all the way."

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