Marika Frumes | Fierce Female

Founder HER USA

Marika Frumes is the incredible woman behind HER USA, whose global model is based on pure connections between females that help propel them into their best and brightest futures. And though there’s no fast formula to success, she’s certainly created a method to getting there. Our biggest takeaways from her seriously contagious energy: connections are what make the world turn. We were all the more thankful to her for sharing her time with us—and for everything we took away from this insanely insightful chat. And, we're so excited for this new chapter as she gets ready to welcome her first child.

TAJ: What's your favorite F word?

Marika: “Feminine. We often confuse power with male energy... I think it's the opposite. Being feminine is where we are most in our power.

TAJ: Self-love is talked about in many forums, How is HER doing this differently?

Marika: “We ALL have wounds, trauma, self-doubt, etc. Self-love is working to get to a place where we know all these flaws, continue to sit comfortably in our skill and know that we are enough exactly as we are! HER empowers our members with education (as that should open doors to getting to better know ourselves), and from there we make sure that we create a safe space for authentic connection. HER events encourage real talk. We are to leave the business cards and "Peacocking" at the door... we all have enough imposter syndrome to deal with. HER is there to actually help with our ASKS in life...”

TAJ: As a woman in business you're always meeting new people across all backgrounds and industries, how does getting dressed play a part in your day-to-day?

Marika: “I feel really confident with my internal persona and thus don't generally fret over the outside exterior. I actually wish I had more thirst for fashion! I like for people to judge me for what's on the inside and as such, stick to the clothing that makes me feel most comfortable and happy.”

TAJ: What's the best compliment someone can give a woman?

Marika: “You inspire me.”

TAJ: What does being fierce mean to you?

Marika: “It means being strong like a river, not like a rock. It means being tapped into my feminine intuition... which I think is our greatest power."

TAJ: Advice for other Fierce Females?

Marika: “When you take care of yourself, TRULY, and bring yourself into harmony; this is the most you can do to help make the world a better place for all. It all starts with self-love and compassion.”

TAJ: What kind of accessories do you love? How do accessories make you feel?

Marika: “Bags, unique jewelry from around the world, scarves and my vast Sabah collection." 

TAJ: What does having it all mean?

Marika: “I am about to be a mom...and will likely have a lot more to say then. For now, boundaries with others and discipline with yourself. Lists of what I need to accomplish daily and weekly help me. "

TAJ: If there's one thing people take away after meeting you, what do you hope that is?

Marika: “People likely comment on my energy and openness... The most important thing I try to get across when meeting someone is that I am there to meet their most authentic self. I live for real conversations and will always be open to the real version who I am talking to... no filters please." 

TAJ: You're listening to...?

Marika: “Gypsy House music (cue the peace sign) "

TAJ: We always say the world is bursting with talent - so we travel to every corner in search of new talented designers. New York is bursting with energy, events, and things to do. What’s your favorite thing to do or favorite restaurant to go to?

Marika: “These days, I am migrating over to’s more interesting to me. Chefs take more risks and there are a lot more independent retailers. I prefer that mom and pop environment.  

My favorite spots are Jill Lindsey Store (most amazing finds from all over the world). For dinner, Claro - an amazing Oaxacan place and Olmstead, Scandinavian perfection."

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