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Happy Friday!

The week is done and we’re keeping you up-to-date with a mini dose of news that made us look twice in fashion, travel and culture. If you're not going out tonight, you're not alone. We’re here with you – scrolling in one hand, drink of choice in the other.

We'll be couch surfing every Friday night with the latest. Make sure to read through for TAJ insider news and surprise events. Don't miss the special code at the end ;)

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We’re all #FeelingExtra happy about the start of May (because it's basically summer) and all of those clothes we bought during quarantine will finally make it out of our closets.

How are you feeling? Yes, we really want to know. Check our insta stories and share your answers with us, we'll slide a little gift into your DMs.



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Hermès Takes a Mushroom Trip to California

Hermes Mushroom Bag


Hermès has partnered with California start-up, MycoWorks to create a new eco-friendly version of their classic Victoria travel bag, derived from mushrooms. The patented material, Fine Mycelium, is three years in the making. The leather alternative is a step toward more sustainable, luxury goods and we're here for it. Several brands have made the pledge to stop using fur, and we're hopeful more luxury giants will join us in ethical fashion practices.

Maybe they'll do the Birkin next?


Prota Fiori, is Using Fruit Skins to Make Your New Favorite Shoe

The luxury shoe brand is making a way for grape and apple skins to be upcycled into materials suitable for longevity. Congrats to the founder, our friend @jenniferstucko, for being named a Finalist in Art and Design for Fast Company's 2021 World Changing Ideas.

According to Forbes, The name Prota Fiori is "Italian, meaning “protect the flowers,” which signifies Stucko’s commitment to prioritizing Mother Earth with plant based alternatives in place of leather for women’s luxury footwear." Go Jen!

Bottega Veneta, oh no!

Dear BV… has @diet_prada taught you nothing? We don’t love when original ideas from independent designers are taken by big brands without approval and recognition.

In Fall 2019, we had the pleasure of meeting an independent designer in Athens, Greece who makes crocheted bags by hand with her mother. It took her 45 hours to make two samples which she personally delivered to the Athens airport at 2am to give us, as we were about to fly back to the US. This is a handmade technique that takes skill and time, and she has been perfecting it for years.

Bottega Veneta’s factory-made version at $4,500 leaves us #FeelingExtra curious to know where they got their inspiration from. Is imitation really the greatest form of flattery... or is this simply not OK?


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Happy Cinco De Mayo Weekend!

Skip going out for margaritas and make your own, supporting our Latinx sisters bottling a traditional recipe of organic Mezcal at @yolamezcal. Browse around for unique furniture inspo and get some new books for the kids @lil_libros.

We found the amazing Nora earrings in Taxco, Mexico. The city Frida Kahlo loved and is known as one of the Pueblos Mágicos de México (Magical Towns).


Image of Nora Earring, Turquoise
Nora Earring, Turquoise
Image of Nora Earring, White
Nora Earring, White
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Good News and Gratitude


Thank you to Kalilah Wright, Founder of @messinabottle and @rebeccaminkoff for joining our Clubhouse rooms last month. Two powerhouse women building empires on their own terms.

Thank you to Kate Bowman, @lonestarsouthern for being so great to work with as you curated your own TAJ collection!

Thank you to Veronica Levy, @lombardandfifth for sharing your faves.

And most of all, THANK YOU for reading and connecting with us. We are so grateful to each of you for supporting sustainable fashion and riding this wave with us. We'll be back next week – same time, different couch.



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